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StartupWatching is a bi-weekly newsletter with curated knowledge, inspiration and background stories from the startup world. It’s delivered every Monday and Thursday. It’s for anyone who's interested in startups and tech, from (aspiring) entrepreneurs and talented makers to digital marketers, creative developers and shark investors.

Each issue of StartupWatching contains 5 links to interesting content, each with a small description.

You can see the archive of newsletters here.


  • 11.500+ subscribers
  • Open rate is 15-25%
  • CTR 12-20%
  • About 50% of the subscribers are from the US
  • 8000+ organic Twitter followers (50% = US,UK audience)

Without really chasing sales I've made about $6500 with sponsored placements (top link in a newsletter edition), in the past 6 months. Much more potential when you actively reach out and collaborate with other companies.

I started the newsletter early 2017 to set a goal for myself and commit to sending a newsletter twice a week. I love curating content and helping the startup community.

I’ve been involved with some other projects 


 have a kid on the way, so I'm looking for a company/someone who would be interested to buy StartupWatching and build it out to it's full potential.

It's a valuable asset/channel to connect with dozens of smart people who’re interested in learning about entrepreneurship and startups.

The website is built with Carrd and the newsletter is managed with Revue (both transferable).

For the email list (11.000+), Twitter account (8000+ organic followers), domain, brand assets etc. I’m asking $17.500

This is based on 1.25x yearly revenue ($12K x 1.25) + the assets like the domain, email list and Twitter account. Please get in touch when you’re interested, I’m open to discuss.

Included in the sale

  • Domain
  • Source code
  • Mailing list
  • Data
  • Design
  • Twitter
  • Email