vpn + bitcoin commerce platform

Still on sale
  • MRR $2,900
  • Profits $2,650
  • Asking price $60,924
  • Users 4994
  • Subscribers 417

Describe your product VPN is a boutique VPN provider with a focus on security and speed. The business operates several encrypted multi-datacenter interconnects that serve as the double hop VPN network for our clients. We’re incorporated in the Seychelles, where drinks are served with tiny umbrellas, there’s no taxation, and there’s a favorable environment for our VPN company: confidentiality, protection/secrecy provisions, corporate flexibility, and simplicity of shareholder management.

Why are you selling the business?

Since 2014, our lives have changed as our team has aged, and we’re ready to celebrate our success and move on to other projects and spend more time with friends and family.

What is included in the sale?

Digital assets: ESXi Xeon-based servers (supporting AES-NI) that host Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, and USA double-hop VPN gateways; pfsense VMs; Arch Linux (nginx web server) VM; all software code, keys, and credentials associated with every aspect of the business

Physical assets: BlackBerry Passport, Estonian-based SIM card, (2) 16GB Verbatim cryptsetup/LUKS encrypted flash drives, a binder including the following: certificate of Seychelles incorporation, 2 originals of the memorandum and articles of association, 2 originals of the subscriber’s resolution appointing the first director, 2 originals of the minutes of the first director’s meeting, share certificate, nominee shareholder’s declaration, expression of wishes, a meeting minute to facilitate the resignation of the directory and secretary, director’s resignation notification, secretary’s resignation notification, share transfer form, director’s meeting resolution authorizing appointment of the attorney, power of attorney agreement, one set of apostilled incorporation documents (for bank account opening), management services agreement.

What is the technological stack?

VMware ESXi, pfSense, ArchLinux, nginx/php-fpm, OpenVPN, IPSec, Amazon S3, Cloudflare, SparkPost, Google G Suite

Order processing is 100% automated and developed in-house, and the business includes its own Coinbase-like Bitcoin commerce engine, so that you can accept Bitcoin payments without paying any 1% fees to a third-party. We recognize that the automated order processing, payment, and renewal platform may represent more value and utility to the right buyer, than the VPN business itself, if adapted for another website or business.

What actions are required to keep the business working?

Routine software patching, occasional customer support, updating the warrant canary quarterly, renewal of domains and supporting services

~$250/mo USD operational expenses

How does the business generate revenues?

Annual VPN subscriptions are offered for $33 USD; Monthly VPN subscriptions are offered for $9 USD

Bitcoin is the only accepted payment method.

8.83579909000001 BTC in total (~$174,800 USD at height of market; ~$80,000 USD today)

~4994 total orders processed (early orders were free or heavily discounted to promote the business)

~417 total active paid/recurring subscribers; (2019 YTD) 59, (2018) 104, (2017) 76, (2016) 162, (2015) 16, (2014) 0

~2500+ new website visitors per month with no ad campaigns running

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

We’ve spent a little over 2 BTC on Google AdWords, 2600 Magazine, Bitcoin Publications, Adult Sites, Onion Proxy Sites

Ad campaigns have yielded CTR 0.18-0.41% for Bitcoin/tech related sources, 0.05% for adult-related, and 0.005% for Google AdWords

How can the future owner generate more revenues?

Activate a referral/affiliate program and invest in advertising

Launch a mobile application for Android & iOS

Incorporate other payment methods other than Bitcoin

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