Central hub for tradesman and business to advertise their services

Still on sale
  • MRR $150
  • Profits $130
  • Asking price $3,000
  • Users 280
  • Subscribers 500

As well as working on many sites for clients i have been developing

my own project. I set out to create a central hub for local tradesman

and business to advertise their services, they can simply create an

account add their name, services, category and previous works they

have done. For the basic advertising as of now this is free but

customers can also pay to be on the front page.

Some of CMS functionality are:

1. Highlights ad

2. Dynamic add category, subcategory, city, services

3. Add banners

The CMS was done in React, Front end in Next.js (SEO Optimized ) and Back end part in


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