Still on sale
  • MRR $550
  • Profits $510
  • Asking price $40,000
  • Users 260000
  • Subscribers 260000

Describe your product

Vora is a fasting tracker available on iOS and Android.

Why are you selling the business?

I have not been updating it anymore and it is starting to lose users to newer apps. So it might make sense for someone else to own it and improve it and keep up with competition.

What is included in the sale?

The iOS and Android apps, the data, and the website.

What is the technological stack?

React Native and Firebase.

What actions are required to keep the business working?

None. If you view support emails as optional (this has regretfully happened).

How does the business generate revenues?

The pro version unlocks advanced analytics. It costs $5. There are also ads.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

$0 spent. I have pushed for it on Facebook and Reddit in comment sections.

How can the future owner generate more revenues?

Improve the app and bet on intermittent fasting taking off.

Contact the owner

Get in touch with the owner to discuss the tech stack, market size, or just make an offer!