Still on sale
  • MRR $20
  • Profits $13
  • Asking price $1,000
  • Users No
  • Subscribers No

Describe your product

Quick-deploy DAPP for Ethereum Smart Contract based Tombolas. Front end adapts as tickets are sold and the smart contract authoritatively manages winners and tickets. 

Owner can alter prize, price and profit through the smart contract which facilitates itself.

Why are you selling the business?

I have no time to market the application - it requires 0 upkeep but don’t know where I’d find a user base.

What is included in the sale?

  • All web code (HTML, JS & CSS) for redeployment
  • Full Solidity Script & ABI
  • Instructions and help to get the DAPP migrated.
  • All graphic elements and the rights to those elements, incl. Tomboleum name.

What is the technological stack?

it’s on a Linux Server.

Built with PHP, HTML, JS(web3.js) and Solidity (Smart Contract)

What actions are required to keep the business working?

Deploy to a server and start Marketing

How does the business generate revenues?

It takes a profit of all Tombolas based on the parameters set in the smart contract:

The DAPP is monetised through simple Raffle economics:

- 120 tickets at 0.01 ETH EACH = 1.2 ETH

- 1 ETH Prize fund

- 0.2 ETH Profit

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

How can the future owner generate more revenues?

Start marketing the DAPP.

White-label it for Ethereum community managers to have their own.

Create versions that use Tokens rather than just Ethereum

Contact the owner

Get in touch with the owner to discuss the tech stack, market size, or just make an offer!