Short url

Still on sale
  • MRR $10,000
  • Profits $9,836
  • Asking price $226,130
  • Users No
  • Subscribers 10000

Describe your product is a url shortener to reduce a long link. Use the site to shorten links and then share them, in addition you can monitor traffic statistics.

Why are you selling the business?

I need to sell this business as soon as possible because I need money for family.

What is included in the sale?

Domain + all website files.

What is the technological stack?

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

What actions are required to keep the business working?

Few minutes per day deleting spam and malware urls.

How does the business generate revenues?

I was using Google Adsense and It was generating amazing profits, recently I was using push notifications and other ad network to monetize the site but I removed all ads, the buyer can use ads again or implement paid plans for earn much more.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?


How can the future owner generate more revenues? has a great potential if the buyer try implement paid service, I talked to a owner competitor and his site has paid service with some features and he told me with paid customers my site has a great potential to start to generate more than $32.000/month in less 2 years. If the buyer does not want to do this, he can use ads.

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