Now, what do i read?

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  • MRR $20
  • Profits $15
  • Asking price $1,000
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"Now, what do I read?" is a simple web service that helps people find great books to read.

I basically built this for myself and to learn a little about CSS and JS. I am happy to sell it to someone who might know more about how to monetize it.

Include is the sale is the full source code, and all the data and instructions on how to run the site.

The site is a single binary written in Golang with some basic HTML, CSS, Javascript assets. It can be run on any computer except windows.

To keep it running, you just need to run the program and forward the port! Its very easy.

Revenue is generated from Amazon Affiliate links. Upon selling I would change all the affiliate links to the buyers name so that revenue may be generated for them.

Except for a few advertising on websites, no marketing has been established.

More revenue can likely be gathered by adding in personalized features and better marketing.

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