Make my drive fun

Still on sale
  • MRR $9
  • Profits $8
  • Asking price $2,000
  • Users 130661
  • Subscribers No

This is a website that takes two locations and finds quirky places to stop at along the way. Its great for road trips where you want to find fun things to see on the trip.

I am selling this side project because I'm trying to offload most of my side projects so I can focus on just one of them.

The sale will include the domain name and all the code and instructions to run the backend.

The stack is Caddy + Docker + Go. Its very easy to run and manage.

There is not much action to take to keep this project running, although I'm sure it could be more profitable with a bit of marketing. Right now it generates over $100 / year. I have not tried any marketing initiatves for it, except to advertise a basic version of the code on Github.

The future owner could easily make the site more personalized which would attract more frequent visits, or they could implement a simple app based on this project which could monetize mobile users.

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