Exposure cards

Still on sale
  • MRR $150
  • Profits $145
  • Asking price $5,000
  • Users 350
  • Subscribers No

Exposure Cards is a platform to find random underrated works from anywhere in the Internet, allowing users to submit their own after checking out 5 beforehand. Users can filter the submissions to see videos, art or websites, as well as visit an archive where cards with over 50 (depending on the plan they use) clicks go. Exposure Cards has a referral program with multiple perks, as well as a paid startup plan to allow more clicks and a special flair that glides the submission on the frontpage.

Exposure Cards has multiple hundred users weekly, coming from several thousand impressions in its launch, and over 300 submissions, which are reviewed & curated before being published. It has had 3 sales for the startup plan, and multiple users have taken advantage of the referral program, leading more users to the website. In addition to that, it has an automated Twitter account that posts whenever a new submission is added in the website.

The platform is being put up in sale because I've lost interest in working on it, as well as having not enough time to review its submissions, and marketing it further. I have plans to build other projects, and thus I cannot commit to it, and would much rather someone else own it while keeping all the sales & traffic. The sale includes absolutely everything related to Exposure Cards, including its own Twitter account & control panel.

The website was built using PHP, and a MySQL database. The server is hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet, which is set up with PhpMyAdmin & other utilities, but I would likely seek to migrate it to the buyer's servers instead (but that can be discussed).

Exposure Cards currently only makes money from the startup plan ($49), but it could be complemented by adding ads, which I had plans to implement, considering its traffic. The buyer may inquire about other possible options to maximize the revenue, and even arrange for me to add it for them, if needed.

In terms of the marketing, Exposure Cards can easily grow using the audience from sites like Dribbble (as people can post shots into the platform to get more views), ProductHunt (as an alternative place to launch their product), or even Youtube, being able to get 50 views by simply posting their video in the platform.

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