Still on sale
  • MRR $550
  • Profits $549
  • Asking price $5,000
  • Users 7000
  • Subscribers No

Describe your product

Point your smartphone and copy text from the real world

Why are you selling the business?

I’ve got a job offer and requires me to stop working on this

What is included in the sale?

App + Domain Name + an Android SDK that’s already been liscensed by a local Fintech startup here in Pune, India called and in process of being liscensed by two other companies from Banglore, India soon and with those deals the MRR will get to $400 to $600

What is the technological stack?

Android + Tesseract OCR + Google Vision SDK + OpenCV

What actions are required to keep the business working?

User support

How does the business generate revenues?

Two ways, One the Autopick Power User subscription is 3$ per user and Autopick is also an OCR experience SDK for android which can be liscensed by any tech company that has a mobile application that they’re wanting to have scanning abilities and OCR abilities

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

Product Hunt + Indie Hackers + Reddit + Twitter + Youtube

How can the future owner generate more revenues?

Downloads can be easily increased with simple outreach and Licensing of the SDK can be really really lucrative in USA or Europe

Contact the owner

Get in touch with the owner to discuss the tech stack, market size, or just make an offer!